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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Being Me...Love Aisha...


Assalamualaikum and greetings! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! I'm still taken to the mood of the program! MasyaAllah! Subhanallah! There's so much I wanna share with all the sisters out there. There's so much things Allah want us to learn. Knowledge, will never be last to learn. It's just us, who want more or less. Subhanallah. Syukur, for those opportunity given by Allah trough Kak Nakia. May Allah bless her in Dunya wal Akhirah..amiinn...

A conference that will touch your heart to the bottom. Here... I'll share some with what that touch me the most. Based on the story of Aisha RA, the wife of Prophet Muhammad SAW, the Daughter of Saidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq... 

At the age of 18, Aisha RA achieved many things in her life. She narrated over 2000 hadith from Prophet Muhammad SAW and what most terrific was she herself developed interesting skills that no one can adapt in her time. That skills are "reading" and "writing".

1st Slot: "Respect Begin With You"
by: Prof. Dr. Muhaya Mohamad

She mostly talk about our strength, and weaknesses. As a women, there's so much we want and need in this world. But, does us know how to receive those things we want and those things we need. As a women, do we want to be respect or do we want to be hated! Its what we choose, so choose wisely.

"Try to be kind, not beautiful, if you want to get married!" #suddenly #ahaha Yap! It's what she told us. Who's here doesn't wanna get married? Either you're not ready or #blablabla, sure you'll have that in mind. It's our nature, our "fitrah" that Allah made. To love and not being alone. But, are we ready? Are we wanna having it in the greatest way Allah love to see? Yeah sure we do! There's so many challenges and obstacles that we need to fulfill. Changing starting from our own heart, self and life. There's so much thing need to be clear out. And again, she threw us with a question, "Are you going to a wedding planner or Marriage Planner??" How will we answer that? Which one will we choose? Does us know who is the Marriage Planner? He's the One, Allah! With all faith we have in Allah, there's the way for us to gain all the confidence, value and honor of our self. Be confident! Be truthful! Get your self esteem higher up! "People who have low self esteem is people who doesn't have faith in Allah".#are #we??

"Have a clean heart, strong heart!" "Ladies! Shape your heart, not your face!" Some of her shout out for us to learn, it is not just a joke but it is for us to receive, repent and wake up! Ladies! We are special! Be special! We are wise! Be wiser! Even if we have 99 "Nafsu", but we still have that one and only "Akal". That one thing is what so special in us. Why we wanna sit low when Allah had put us high! Subhanallah! Allahuakhbar! Why we're that special, because we're too special. Allah made us that way, why not we act the way Allah want us to be.

There are 5 emotion we should have everyday:

1. You want to be grateful.
2. You want to be loving.
3. You want to be appreciative.
4. You want to be compassionate.
5. You want to be forgiving.

It's what we should have, but it's what we want to have. So go far and have it. Do not wait for people's acknowledgement. "People who want to gain acknowledgement of people is people who doesn't have enough acknowledgement of Allah". Do not sacrifice for the sake of people who doesn't earned it. Sacrifice for Allah's sake. "Heaven on earth is in your heart", you get to choose. If you're not happy, you're not giving enough. If you're not loveable, you're not loving enough. If you're not forgiven, you're not forgiving enough. You! Is who you created! "Every thought will create word, every word will create attitude, every attitude will create personalities and every personalities will create you!". Put Allah in your heart. Be grateful, be loving, be appreciative, be compassionate and be forgiving. Be beautiful in your heart, then you yourself will be beautiful inside out. "Forgiveness strengthen, anger weaken". Subhanallah! That's how Allah love us, and it's how He show His love to His most special and beautiful creation in this world. How loving He is.  Allahuakhbar!

Lastly, before she finished her speech, she stated 3 features of our heart, "Strong, Clean and Soft". It is who we are! So ladies, be beautiful, be strong and be proud! #keranadirimubegituberharga #masyaAllah

2nd Slot: "Deen's List"
by: Sheikh Daood Butt

3rd Slot: "The Childless Mother"
by: Sis Zohra Sarwari

4th Slot: "Coolness of His Eyes"
by: Sheikhah Wafaa Mohd Hussain Yee

5th Slot: "Poisons of The Soul"
by: Umm Imtiaz

6th Slot: "The Fragrant Upper hand"
by: Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

7th Slot: "Trails and Trials to Jannah"
by: Sheikh Moutaseim Al Hameedi

8th Slot: "Love of Hope and Fear"
by: Sheikh Alaa Elsayed
9th Slot: "Ramadhan of Change"
by: Sheikh Moutaseim Al Hameedi

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