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Sunday, March 6, 2016

TB: Marriage Conference

 Assalamualaikum wbt...

--to find the right one is difficult, but to lose it is easy : sheikh yahya ibrahim

--marry someone who you please their deen & character : sis dunia shuaib

--show your love
--do it often
--show appreciation for what you receive
--thank Allah SWT for what He gave you
""Your spouse is not a mind reader"" : sheikh yawar baig

--build dreams together,work the dreams together & strive to jannah together
--dont priorities other than your relationship : sis na'ima roberts

--marriage is struggle
--discuss with your spouse what you like & what makes you happy
--dress the way your spouse love to see : sheikh daood butt

--you need to ask from men more than once
--don't ever insult a men or you will lost
--give & take
--men loves bonus & points : ustad ahmad saleem

Conflict resolution::
--increase positivity not to fight
--focus : sis haleh banani

--hold your tongue fast
--hold your heart fast : sheikh abd wahab saleem

--the moment you get married, you have to think for 2 minds & 2 hearths
--marriage is a lifetime contract : sheikh zoubir bouchikhi

--in marriage,there is no winner & no loser : brother edris khamissa

--the only thing that make men & women equal is ibadah to Allah : sheikh yawar baig

--jannah is not enough without someone you love : sheikh yahya ibrahim