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Friday, August 12, 2016

Them... My Life Story for Now!

Assalamualaikum! Evening everyone! Here I am, a bit hype today to write. Some mood comes in. So let's celebrate those mood before the moody one come over..ahaha.. Just made a bare confession, it takes me so much times to tell. A very long journey to say it out loud. Now, people read, people know, people see. And people shut up! #alhamdulillah #missionaccomplished!

It's not because of something I hate..But it because of something I love. I do feel grateful being here in this company. So many things I've learned. I come from zero, from nothing. There's so much energy I gain in here, that's what I love about being here. By mean here is in Al-Isra' Associates Sdn Bhd. I love the nature, I love the people, I love the environment, I love the energy! And I love being in this Team!! MFE Team full of spirit! When I'm myself just a staff, but I do feel like I'm one of them, Thank you so much for sharing those energetic feeling with me. I'm grateful! Alhamdulillah! I love my bosses, I love my staffmates, I love them who appreciate me as who I am. Thank you Allah for this greatest opportunity. There's something in here I don't think I can get outside. Alhamdulillah, I'm still treasuring each one of it. May Allah borrow me the kindness in all. Amin. Here some of our pictures from last Jamuan Raya. ^^

MFE Team Gempak!
MFE Team daebak!

This is us, Al-Isra' STAFF! We're stronger when we're together! LOVE uollss!!


People asked me, "kenapa suka stayback kat ofis?" "OT ke?" "Banyak kerja ke?" "Da nak jadi ejen ke?"


Honestly, me myself answer deep inside "ntahlah!" 😅??😅


"I don't know why, it doesn't even matter how hard u try, keep that in mind i design this rhyme to remind myself how...I tried so hard"


It's because of the environment, people inside, feeling...For me..maybe it's because of "keberkatan"... Syukur! Disitu Allah redha...InsyaAllah...

There's so much energy inside the office that I can't gain while I'm staying outside. Positive energy! Alhamdulillah! 😍😍

Alhamdulillah.. Syukur! 😆😊


Ni jawapan untuk part "nak jadi ejen dah ke??"

Again! Honestly!

Jawapannya masih "TAK"...

Xpernah terlintas dan terfikir akan dicampakkan ke dunia realiti 'insurans' ni.. Xpernah tau pon kepentingan dan cara kerja 'insurans' ni... Tapi... Allah kan Maha Kaya... Saya mmg xminat utk jadi ejen...tapi! Saya sangat berminat utk menyeru rakan2, sahabat2, keluarga dan semua yg BERMINAT utk tahu, utk cuba, utk teroka, ambil lah tahu! Any direction you're aiming now, just take part! Mugkin disitu rezeki anda!

Seriously this is not an advertisement! This message is truly deep from my heart. Saya suka tengok orang sekeliling saya berjaya. Xkisah lah dalam apa jua bidang sekalipon, just nk ckp, "this is one of it!" Tu je 😊😊😊

Semoga semua yg baca status ni akan berjaya dalam apa jua bidang yg anda ceburi sekarang dan akan datang..aaminnn! Ya Rabb!


Anyone berminat untuk join team yg gempak ni as an Executive Wealth Planner yg bertauliah di Al-Isra' Associates Sdn Bhd, boleh PM saya terus di no 014-6156855 hokeh! Let's spread the energy! You're the key to your success! Spread up!^^

Friday, August 5, 2016

After So Long...

Assalamualaikum...morning? afternoon? evening?? Nite already..but yet still in the office waiting for Miss L finishing her meeting. Hmm, just done with some major throwback to my oldddd posts here. Miss my old self soooo much, babling, talking, writing, wrote everything down in diaries, express all those feeling.. it's fun and relaxing. But me now? hmmm...didn't have times for that anymore. I don't think it's about TIME exactly, BUT!! It's about WILL.... Hmmm... Hmmmm... Where's my will???? #ohmaiii #adakahinitandapenuaanyangketara #ohhhtidakkk

Dah tua ke?? haha... I always adapt, but people says, "eh, mana ada tua lagi, still twentiesss" But for me, it's not about "you're tetiss fotiss, so u're already TUA, accept!" NOPE! DISAGREE! "TUA" here is not about AGE, but for me, it's about your mind, your acting, your thinking, your responsibilities! Your feeling! Hmmm...yeah! I agree umur I xde la tua lagi, but, the time, thing, money, feeling spend everyday make me feel even responsible on all things in my life.. Is that what we call maturity? Maybe. Ya it's true! #xdelaakunakcakapakudahmaturedsangat #tapiiiiiiiii #bolehlah #sikit #hehehe

Semalam punye madah pujangga...
Cakap sangkut2 pastu tak habis! NOT fun reallyyyy! TT__TT  Because there's sooo much in my mind.. There's so many things happened, so many things come and left! With all kind of emotions, I surrendered! #lost #but Don't forget out Faith, Our One! Allahuuu~~ He's there, really! Always there for you! #faithwillneverbetrayyou

Ok baii Assalamualaikum^^