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Friday, March 10, 2017

A "Journey" That Past : Part 2

It's already 2017, a new year begin but already on it's second months, February. A month left without us knowing, time flies so fast, without us realize, how great something is, how important a person can be, how hard life can turn you to, how easy forgetting and be forgotten was...  Me, who still here, wandering, and still searching...the reasons I need to keep moving...and also, the most crucial part ever...already 29th this year! Ohhhh Maiiii! Ohhh maiiii!! nahh, forget it, age is just a number...chill! -_-" #ifIcouldreallyforgetit

Then, let's continue...

Yes, I'm still alive, I can feel that I'm still alive...I still can breath even it's hard, I still can talk even it's hurt, I still can think, even it's too messy inside... But, I keep on reciting my syahadah, because I don't know, if I can make it through to the Hospital, if I still have the times to be forgiven...I'm scared, too scared! Allahuuu T___T

But alhamdulillah, Syukur pada Allah, everyone being so nice, everyone being fast, in just 10 minutes, I already arrived at Hospital Selayang. I'm saved that night, thanks to everyone who helped, SYUKUR! Allah masih beri peluang Ke-2 T___T