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Friday, August 5, 2016

After So Long...

Assalamualaikum...morning? afternoon? evening?? Nite already..but yet still in the office waiting for Miss L finishing her meeting. Hmm, just done with some major throwback to my oldddd posts here. Miss my old self soooo much, babling, talking, writing, wrote everything down in diaries, express all those feeling.. it's fun and relaxing. But me now? hmmm...didn't have times for that anymore. I don't think it's about TIME exactly, BUT!! It's about WILL.... Hmmm... Hmmmm... Where's my will???? #ohmaiii #adakahinitandapenuaanyangketara #ohhhtidakkk

Dah tua ke?? haha... I always adapt, but people says, "eh, mana ada tua lagi, still twentiesss" But for me, it's not about "you're tetiss fotiss, so u're already TUA, accept!" NOPE! DISAGREE! "TUA" here is not about AGE, but for me, it's about your mind, your acting, your thinking, your responsibilities! Your feeling! Hmmm...yeah! I agree umur I xde la tua lagi, but, the time, thing, money, feeling spend everyday make me feel even responsible on all things in my life.. Is that what we call maturity? Maybe. Ya it's true! #xdelaakunakcakapakudahmaturedsangat #tapiiiiiiiii #bolehlah #sikit #hehehe

Semalam punye madah pujangga...
Cakap sangkut2 pastu tak habis! NOT fun reallyyyy! TT__TT  Because there's sooo much in my mind.. There's so many things happened, so many things come and left! With all kind of emotions, I surrendered! #lost #but Don't forget out Faith, Our One! Allahuuu~~ He's there, really! Always there for you! #faithwillneverbetrayyou

Ok baii Assalamualaikum^^


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