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Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Focus and Aware!"

Assalamualaikum wbt!!! Evening sunshine!!^^ Wow! Looks happy! Am I really am?? Whatever! But! It's my choice! And I choose to be happy! Alhamdulillah....!^^ Today is my Abah's 56th birthday... So sad can't be with him today..but already made a call early...early..in the morning to wish him a veryyy goood dayyy... Hoping he'll become healthier and stronger inside out! Hoping he'll always choose to be happy! Hoping that he'll never give up with what Allah prepared for us! Abah hwaiting!!! We all love you!!!^^

He's happy with his choice!^^

Oppsstt~~!! Back to the title..."Focus and Aware"...what does those means??! Ahhaaa~~! Ok, easy story for us to understand...let say when you're driving... you need to focus on your driving isn't it? But, if you only focus, you'll not aware of what happened besides you... So focus and aware! hehehe...#copyandpaste
So, for conclusion please be focus but aware with your situation... Then it's save... Also in term of speaking... When we're gonna say something, don't focusing only onto what we're gonna says... but also aware with what we're going to say... Sometimes, because we're too focus on something, we lost something we didn't aware of... After loosing it, we realized! That we've lost something worth!

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